Hello, my Shades! 💗

What are you up to? I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. ✨ We haven't seen each other for a long time, and I have big news, we got a puppy! 👑 

As you might know, I haven't talked about getting a puppy on the blog at all because I didn't want to jinx it. After all, this year is not the happiest one, and I'm too superstitious, to be honest. However, I feel that time has come, and I can finally introduce you to our baby girl, an 11-week old pug puppy, Zoe! She has been living with us since October, and wow, what a life-changing experience!

We have been thinking with the prince about getting a puppy for quite some time, and we were just so excited for our family of two to become a family of three. We were sure that the idea of a little puppy was right for us, the timing was convenient, and we will be able to take care of her. Why did we decide to go for a pug? For us, after doing research, a pug seemed like the perfect breed to fit in our lifestyle, and we liked that pugs have such a character. Moreover, I'm a big fan of pugs and huskies, but husky wouldn't be the right choice (for now 🐶).

When we saw Zoe for the first time, we were sure that it's the perfect puppy for us. She was a charming, playful, and beautiful little black pug. Even though I have never had a dog, this felt so natural. We brought Zoe home from Slovakia one very chilly October afternoon. She was 8 weeks old, and I don't think I quite knew at that point how much a puppy would change my life. We are learning new things about her every single day, and it's hard work, for sure. She likes to tease us, giving us a hard time, and she can be challenging sometimes. On the other hand, I wouldn't change her for the world, and I would go for her again. We cuddle and play together, and dog walks are just great because we spent most of the time in the woods. I don't know what we would do now if we didn't have Zoe. She is the missing puzzle piece that we never knew is missing. 💘

Do you have a pet? What is her/his name? 💙

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Silvie, Prince, Zoe 👨‍👩‍👧