Hello, my beautiful Shades! 🎄

I hope you enjoy Blogmas so far. For today's episode, I've prepared a post dedicated to productivity apps. I'll give you a brief review of three apps called Forest - Stay Focused, Focus Plant, and Donut Dog. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy it!  ☕️

Since the beginning of September, I've been struggling with time management. It was challenging for me to find the best way how to deal with school, work, household, and puppy. I love to run my household like Bree Van de Kamp, study like Hermione Granger, and work like Christian Grey. What a personality to maintain, right? 😀 Honestly, finding a balance in my life is the most difficult task for me, and I'm extremely grateful for everything that works. That is to say, productivity apps are part of that, but you should know that you don’t have to try every single app out there to work better, smarter, or faster. An app alone isn’t going to make you more productive but it can help. And that's the reason why I would like to recommend to you these three apps.

1. Forest-Stay Focused is a unique productivity app that uses virtual trees to inspire users to better manage their time and go phone-free. Genuinely, I love this app so much! It has helped me so many times when I needed to get work done. I use it every time when I'm preparing for my exams or whenever I study, work, or do something important. I just simply turn on the app and remove my distractions from my phone. Developers also allow you to donate the credits you earn, to planting real trees which I think is really amazing. Moreover, I am weirdly sympathetic to digital plants and animals, so the motivation to stay away from my phone and not kill the plants by exiting the app is strong. I would feel really bad if one died!! Haha 😀

Price: $1.99 The best investment ever

2. Focus Plant is an effective and cute focus game, a study timer, and also focus gamification. What I like about this app? It keeps me focused with a gaming aspect and I don't even really feel like I'm studying because I'm so focused on collecting those raindrops and watering those plants. Also, I like the psychological tricks all over the game that make you want to focus for a reward both in the reality and in the game.

Price: Free

3. Donut Dog is a playful, colorfully designed app that rewards your sessions of unbroken concentration with virtual donuts. Presented by a dog named “Focus” that instructs you how to use the app, the goal is to ensure he stays fed with sugary treats. You do that simply by earning a donut for each ten-minute window you don’t use your phone. The app is a lot of fun to use. It’s silly, and it’s playful. Frankly speaking, the app is probably meant for children but I like it anyway. However, I don't study with Donut Dog. It's my cleaning & tidying app. 😄

Price: Free

Do you use productive apps? Which ones?

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Merry Christmas!🎄✨