Oh, Hey!

I’m Silvie, a twenty-something lover of cappuccinos, pugs, Bree Van de Kamp, and white interior design. And shopping. And oversized sweaters. And colorful stationery. Okay, okay, you get the point. As it turns out, I also like creating things, which is half the reason I began Shades of Silvie way back in 2013 (where has the time gone?!). I graduated from TBU in the Czech Republic with a BA (English for Business Administration) and chose to continue with a MA in the Marketing field. I have been writing articles about my life, productivity, and my little black pug called Zoe.

If you're interested in checking out my other social media, I am also active on Instagram (@_shadesofsilvie). If you do decide to subscribe, I hope you enjoy reading the articles ✨ .

πŸ’Œ Business Enquiries: shadesofsilvie@gmail.com