Boy-oh-boy, do I love Sundays! Nothing better than being snuggled in bed, drinking cappuccinos and reading an exciting book, whilst thinking about building castles in the air for the future. Combine this heavenly good combination with fresh bedding and a partner in crime. That sounds like a paradise, right? Since we’re all spending the majority of our days indoors, it's quite nice to try new things and find the way how to relax. That's the main aim of this girlish Book Club. We will travel in centuries, genres, and who knows, maybe even to Christian's red room (- heh-heh-heh). As much as we adore those Grey`s stuff, shell try something else for the first time, ok Anastasias Steele? The book, that will remind us of the old days full of traveling, exploring, and times, when was our guardian angel in constant discomfort because of us. Salute to a talented Czech author, that has the same number of lives as a cat.

Ladislav Zibura is the Czech writer known for his sarcastic Czech humor. So far, he has been enough lucky to publish 3 books, and 40 Dní pěšky do Jeruzaléma is the first of them. The book is available only in Czech, but you have a great opportunity to learn the language in the funniest way.

Now you are probably thinking, why the heck Czech book? 

Well, this author is a weirdo. In 2015, Zibura decided to attempt the Czech TV show called AZ Kvíz. By the stroke of luck, I was watching the show with my mum, and we witnessed the most bizarre act of humanity. You can watch it here, and this isn't an add. Since that time, this TV guy was quite popular and turned out, this was his way of marketing. It worked, at least for the younger audience. I had a chance to attempt his lecture 2 years ago, and it was stunning. It was like listening to your mind when you are super angry, and you want to tell all those stuff, but you say just OK.  He is frankly in everything, sometimes maybe too much but, I had never a chance to read at least one of his books. However, in this quarantine period, I finally found the time on all those things I always wanted to do, and reading is one of them. 

This work supposes to be full of fun, big smiles, and painfully awkward moments that make you want to crawl into a hole.

And that is my dear ladies, the best thing to read. Shall we start today? See you next month!