Oh, hey. 

I’m Silvie, a twenty-something lover of cappuccinos, husky dogs, Sheldon Cooper, and organizing stuff. And Indian food. And oversized sweaters. And colorful stationery. Okay, okay, you get the point. As it turns out, I also like creating things, which is half the reason I began Shades of Silvie way back in 2013 (where has the time gone?!).
I graduated from TBU university in Czechia with a BA (English for Business Administration) and chose to continue with a MA in the Marketing field. Since I have had started uni, it was quite challenging to cope with studying, surviving (on ramen noodles), and finding my prince (or Christian Grey?). My 50 shades of me were lost, and I felt a desperate desire to start the blog again. However, my family was reading the blog, even though it was something forbidden, and I had to face the inner war of the price of my privacy and saying goodbye to writing. It was impossible to choose so I chose the third option (as always). Traveling and taking photos, preparing articles and changing the design of the kingdom. So, what I have prepared for you?

It's feminine. It's edgy. It's aspirational, intelligent, and personal.

Welcome to the new era of Shades of Silvie in English!