Hello, my beautiful Shades! 🎄

I'm so excited to tell you that I'm going to do blogmas this year! ☃️ I have prepared 24 special posts for you, and I hope you'll like it because Christmas is my favorite season of the year. What have I prepared for you? On Monday, we'll choose a sporty activity, and we'll try to make it till the end of the week. Seven days of chosen exercise that will keep our bodies and minds in harmony. Tuesdays are going to be all about shopping and finding the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list in 2020, no matter your budget. And how we call our favorite day? Wednesday! We're going to speak about Christmas decoration, calligraphy, gift wrapping, and I cannot wait to decorate with you the Christmas tree! 🎄

Thursdays are going to be super productive. I've prepared the most effective and useful tips, how to stay on track during the Christmas break. You can expect tips and reviews on excellent productive apps and natural products that will boost your productivity. What about the last three days? Well, Fridays & Sundays are going to be all about cooking, baking, and trying Christmas recipes. We're going to try to make delicious eggnog, prepare typical Czech salad, and bake tons of yummy cookies. ðŸª Last but not least, Saturday is going to be the day of a surprise. I wasn't quite sure what would be the perfect content until I went through your comments, and I got it. You will definitely love it!

Merry blogmas day one! 🎄

The first post in the blogmas series is going to be about the mobile app called Zombies, Run! This app is a running game and audio adventure. Every run becomes a mission where you're the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story. Why this app for our Christmas challenge? Honestly, I've never heard about something that would make running fun. I love playing games and being outside, and this sounds like the perfect combination of both, and I would love to give it a try. 

Will you join me and save the other word? ðŸ›¡⚔️

Ho ho ho 🎅,
Merry Christmas!🎄✨