Hello, and welcome my beautiful shades! 💖

I hope you are having a lovely Thursday. For today's episode, I have prepared a post dedicated to excellent products that will help you get things done. If you are anything like me, the dark and dreary days of winter make it hard to get out of bed and stay motivated. There are many natural foods, drinks, and supplements that can help you to boost your mood and productivity levels. Today, I would like to share with you my tips on the products that actually work, the all-natural way!

☕️ Kyosun Original Matcha

I got this Matcha tea on my birthday from my BFF, and wow! It is better than a cup of coffee. It is an ideal drink for those who are sensitive to caffeine but still need a little pick-me-up. It gives you a moderate amount of energy that lasts the whole workday, with little to no crash in the afternoon. This tea does have an ever so slight “grassy” taste to it. I believe, however, that this is a sign of its quality. Matcha supports brain health and has anti-cancer & it is rich in vitamin C and a flurry of antioxidants.

☕️ Yerba Mate

During my first year of Uni, I loved my coffee and drank it every day but had to stop drinking due to health reasons. I never thought I would be able to find something to replace my morning "boost". The taste of this tea is quite delicious, a bit on the grass side but still very yummy. I would say it is better than a cup of coffee. 

🌱 Ginkgo Biloba Capcules

If you are not a tea fan, you could try these natural capsules. I bought three packages in advance a few months ago because I am going to write my Master's Thesis after Christmas, and I am willing to try everything to get the Thesis done. 😀 Moreover, all Master's degree programmes at Czech Unies are completed by a final state examination. I am going to learn word by word 50 questions, you can imagine it like 2 thick books, and this examination is going to take place next year in May 2021. Yep, I am scared as hell. 😀 Having said that, I am truly a huge fan of natural products that keep my mind sharp and focused. I have already tried one package of the capsules, and honestly, they are brilliant! Take a capsule every day, add some exercise, and you are LIMITLESS! 

☕️ Caffeine

Last but not least, our favorite caffeine. I love caffeine in everything, but cappuccino is my best-loved hot drink. Even though from time to time, I love the smell and taste of high-quality coffee, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got this ground coffee from my granny, it smells so good! 

Do you drink coffee? If not, what gives you energy?

Ho ho ho 🎅, 

Merry Christmas!🎄✨