Hello, and welcome my beautiful shades! 💖

Hello, and welcome my beautiful shades! 💖 Christmas is almost here, only five days! Are you excited? ☃️ For today's episode of the Blogmas series, I would like to show you bits of our Christmas dinner table. Today, we enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner with my sister & her boyfriend, and it was so nice to meet and play games together again. 🎲  With prince, we served a traditional Czech salad & fish sticks because none of us like the smell of a carp, and honestly, it was delish! 

Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate Christmas with Prince & Zoe because we are planning to visit our families on December the 24th. There will be a lot of photos of presents, so stay tuned & enjoy this lovely time of the year. ✨

What do you eat for Christmas dinner? 🍴

Ho ho ho 🎅, 

Merry Christmas!🎄✨