Hello, and welcome my beautiful shades! 💖

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments. ✨ Today, I spend a lovely Sunday with the prince and Zoe because we celebrated Christmas Eve in advance, as I mentioned in the previous post. I wanted to take photos of Christmas dinner and presents but we ended up playing with Zoe, cuddling, and enjoying some quality some. Having said that, I was thinking about what you might like to read, instead of the previous plan for today's episode, and I ended up with a topic including board games. Because if you do not have plans for this Christmas and you do not want to settle on another game of charades, these games will keep you and your loved ones truly entertained!


This game was designed partly as a joke and partly to demonstrate the ridiculousness of communism during the Czechoslovak era. The goal of the game is to become secretary-general of the communist party and emigrate abroad. It is easy to play, and you should prepare a ton of Christmas cookies because there are many tricky traps. I bought it as a joke a year ago for my sister, and she bought it this year with her boyfriend for us because it is the funniest board game ever! EVER! 😁


A perfect Sunday afternoon boardgame. This is the classic monopoly that everyone loves. The game is fun whether you want to play for hours on end or just a little until you give up. 


Without going into detail on certain card games and their rules, a pack of cards is the easiest to carry around and whip out and has hundreds of different games that can be played! A couple of my favorites are Durak, War & Crazy Eights. 
What is your favorite board game? ✨

Ho ho ho 🎅, 

Merry Christmas!🎄✨