Hello, and welcome my beautiful shades! 💖

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday. ♡ A have a lot of news, so grab a cup of tea, some snacks, and let's talk. Exams are finally over, and I cannot believe it! Life has consisted of revise, eat, sleep, repeat for the past couple of weeks, and I think I may have gone (more) crazy. I am still slightly in shock, both that exams are over and I can stop revising, and that I have to complete my master's thesis in 2 months. 2 months! Not too sure how I will do it, but I have to. My topic is Neuromarketing & Consumer behavior, and hey, I love it! It is the perfect combination of marketing & neuroscience, and I am just fascinated by how the brain works because, despite some remarkable advances, the brain remains largely a mystery. What about you, shades? What are you up to? Tell me in the comment section. ♡ 

For today's episode, I have prepared something special. Ready for a home office tour? Today I am sharing where I work, study, create and do almost everything. My little corner of happiness. Let’s tour my work desk! Yay!

▫️ L I G H T  S P O T

The morning sun pours in through a big window, so no wonder my favorite time to work is first thing in the morning (after Netflix, listening to Youtube, and reading your amazing blogs 🤩). I usually work in the office with lots of cappuccino/tea until 2 PM, which is the time to take Zoe for a dog walk. My work desk is still a work in progress because I love changing things & trying new decor, and finding the perfect one. But so far, I feel happy and cozy in this bright spot in our home.

▫️ P L A N N E R 

As you know, I am a huge fan of organization & to-do lists. Planning a day, the night ahead works wonders for me. I like to be sure that I did not forget anything & this golden planner is my small universe. I also use productivity apps, and I have tried new ones, so be prepared to read about them! 

▫️ D E S K

I bought my desk last year in Lidl because I have realized that I will spend a lot of time in front of my laptop due to my thesis, and I needed a fortress 😀. I wanted a white and spacious desk with extra space for a printer and decorations.

▫️ F L O W E R S

I do love flowers, and I got this bouquet from Prince on Valentine's day. Thank you, hun. 

▫️ L I P S T I C K & P E R F U M E  G E L

When I am trying to be super productive, I have to look nice. It might sound silly, but I cannot work in my homeless outfits because I immediately start reading Vinted, binge wanting Netflix, and the day is over. 😆 Btw, what do you think about Bridgerton? I need the second series!! Do you see? I am a Netflix addict. 😀  What about you? Do you have the same "superpower"? 

▫️ C A N D L E S

It is no surprise that I like my house to smell lovely, which means I am a huge candle fan. I found this amazing candle in Pepco, and wow, it is like a sexy aftershave smell, love it.

▫️ M A C B O O K

I got my Mac when I started Uni, and it seems like yesterday. I chose the 13″ over 15″ because it is lightweight and small to carry. However, this year, I would love to buy an iMac or an extra monitor because 13″ is really not enough.

▫️  S T A T I O N E R Y

I have to confess. I have boxes and boxes (but those are small boxes on my defense! 😀) of pastel stationery, and I will show them to you one day. It is probably a problem, and I hope you share the same "illness." with me. 😀

▫️ D E C O R A T I O N

Last but not least, the most important, decoration. I would love to say that the desk looks like this every morning, but honestly, it is a mess. I change it every week, I add some new decor every week, and Prince goes crazy because we share the office. But man will never understand the importance of those essential bits and pieces, right? 😀

I hope you enjoy the tour, and you like my sense of humor and will not ask for the photo of the chair. I bought it last year, but it is indeed ugly and not insta/blogger/your eyes friendly. 😀 Tell me in the comments what are your desk essentials, and have a wonderful day!  ♡

Love you